Fangirl Fridays

124 - Dance Battle: Staying Alive v. Urban Cowboy

February 28, 2020

The fangirls feel led astray with the notion that Urban Cowboy is a dance movie. Does riding a mechanical bull count as dance? Natalie and Maren pit John Travolta classics - Urban Cowboy and Staying Alive - against each other and ask important questions like: why was Sylvester Stallone SO involved in Staying Alive? How terrible is John Travolta's Brooklyn accent? And honestly, what was going on with "dance movies only" directive of Paramount Pictures in the 80s? And this week in fangirling: The Invisible Man, pirate dinner adventures and moral superiority. 

And yes - we forgot to rank them and say which was better! So flustered by the sweatiness and poor quality!


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